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Hey guys, so my appointment with my LLND is in 5 days… hopefully treatment begins! There’s a lot to discuss. In the meantime, I’ve been on Instagram a lot more than Tumblr lately, so come hang out with me on there @ehmichelle and if you post about your spoonie stuff I’ll definitely follow you back :)

Hi! I found your blog from the Lyme Disease tag. I was finally diagnosed yesterday and I just want to thank you because your blog helped me feel less alone and helped me understand what exactly I'm going to be going through. Thanks again :)

I’m so glad :) We’re just starting on this journey together. Message me any time <3

I have a close friend who is suffering from a chronic illness. Lately she has been extra depressed because of it. I want to make her a little care package to help her feel extra loved during this. I have some personal ideas, but I was wonder if you or any followers would have some insight on something a home bound person might like that I'm not thinking of. Thanks!!


First off, I want to stand up and slow clap for you. Seriously. Everyone needs a friend like you. Big props. Its huge that you are first, being a good friend, and second, being aware of your friends emotions. Here are some ideas from things I’ve been given: fuzzy socks, chap stick, coloring books, journal, CD with your favorite songs (or music gift card), favorite treats depending on their conditions, anything they can do from bed, ie card games, crafts like bracelet making, sewing kits, paint by number or anything like that that they might enjoy. Movies, books, magazines, suduko/crossword, notebook, pens/markers, T-shirt/sweats, waterbottle/mug, nail polish, headbands, lotion, blanket. I hope that these help. But just the thought is huge and will mean so much, being chronically ill isn’t easy and having someone in your corner is huge! I thank YOU for being such a good friend to your chronically ill friend, because they need someone like you! If anyone else has any other ideas, don’t be afraid to speak up!


Yay yay low grade fevers.

Of course wimpy fevers don’t seem to matter to my doctors.

That’s the symptom we sweep under the rug because it doesn’t make sense to anyone.


I know this is really bad and everything but my dad has the stomach flu or food poising or something and was up all night and is making quite a large deal out of it and rarely understands the severity of my illness (for example, getting upset with me for cancelling working out because I’m too sick) and I’m so so so tempted to say to him “would you be able to work out right now or go out?” And he’d so no of course and I’d say “well what you feel like now is what I have to deal with every day” . But I know it would start world war 3 if I said that.